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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Governor Palin's increasingly evident ambition illuminates the importance of Sue Katz's new book....

Frank Rich's Sunday op-ed piece in the The New York Times never fails to deliver fascinating new perspectives on the week's events. This week he shares evidence that Sarah Palin is already looking beyond the November 4 election to a bigger prize in 2012, at the latest. Rich focuses on still unanswered questions about the health of the man at the top of the Republican ticket and raises the possibility that Palin "wouldn't even blink" if events of any kind placed her in the top spot.

Nor does Thanks But No Thanks: The Voter's Guide to Sarah Palin limit its purview to what Palin brings to the table in a single election. If she is going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come, Sue Katz's new book will be right there with her, helping readers to see what Palin stands for, how she got there, and what it could mean in terms of the future public policy preoccupations of the Republican party. Sue's book will be available in paperback in about a week and the Kindle edition is already one of the top political titles in the Kindle Store.

Here is a bit of what Frank Rich had to say in this morning's New York Times:

It’s against this backdrop that Palin’s public pronouncements, culminating with her debate performance, have been so striking. The standard take has it that she’s either speaking utter ignorant gibberish (as to Couric) or reciting highly polished, campaign-written sound bites that she’s memorized (as at the convention and the debate). But there’s a steady unnerving undertone to Palin’s utterances, a consistent message of hubristic self-confidence and hyper-ambition. She wants to be president, she thinks she can be president, she thinks she will be president. And perhaps soon. She often sounds like someone who sees herself as half-a-heartbeat away from the presidency. Or who is seen that way by her own camp, the hard-right G.O.P. base that never liked McCain anyway and views him as, at best, a White House place holder.

--Frank Rich, "Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain," October 5, 2008 New York Times

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